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DJ F “1974″ to be out late may
J.C.002 Out now in your favorite store
AHD 006 J.C. “Calypso EP” including Keith Worthy remix

All releases available digitally in the AHD records tab

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You can now buy all AHD releases digitally thru Bandcamp!

South America tour dates

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Here the dates for the South American tour!
21/9/2013 Sub Manaus
22/9/2013 D-Edge After hours starting 7am
27/9/2013 Buenos Aires TBA
28/9/2013 Phonoteque Montevideo Uruguay
2/10/2013 Feel Club Cordoba

J.C. On Fred Peterkin’s Soul People

J.C. On Fred Peterkin’s Soul People

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Jose Cabrera and Fred P split the first installment of the Perception series. The Determinism EP sees JC and FP giving their slant on principles of quantum level events through sound. Raw and driving, this EP is a more than an adequate DJ tool, it’s a formula for the transportation of the subconscious.

AHD 005 EPIPHANY “Keep on truckin’” september 2013