Damian Schwartz – Epiphany

Damian Schwartz’s is an electronic musician, DJ and performer from Madrid, Spain.
He studied jazz, composition and bass, a cornerstone of his work and compositional approach.

Damian started as a Dj and producer during the early 2000’s as part of the Net28 platform of labels and artists.

Initially heavily influenced by 90s techno, he moved on to a more house derived sound with a series of recordings that have been highly praised by press and artists alike.

He has performed Dj and live sets in many of the most respected clubs, including: Panorama Bar, Berghain, Robert Johnson, Fabric, and Output.

Other works include soundtracks on videos and documentaries for artists such as Leon Ferrari and compositions for Jean Painleve’s silent documentaries commissioned by the Institut Français du Cinéma.


Jose Cabrera A.K.A. J.C.


Born and raised in Madrid, JC’s take on music comes from a musical background of great variety from post punk, rock, jazz, rap to electronic music and being heavily influenced by the old school house and techno from Detroit, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Berlin.

Beginning in 2005 JC immersed himself fully in the Madrid music scene by running club nights together with his friend Papol whilst at the same time successfully becoming resident of Revolver Club and organizing the anthem Rdt parties.

In late 2005, Jose Cabrera created Esperanza label, alongside Papol with the idea of showing people their personal take on how electronic music should be produced. Artists such as Dario Zenker, Franco Cinelli, Damian Schwartz, Fred P, Brothers Vibe amongst others quickly joined the project and helped the Spanish label to grow up and became what it is at present.

From then on it has been carefully planned releases packed with quality for Kasper on some of the most forward thinking labels around such as ‘Lomidhigh’, ‘Quintessentials’, ‘Mupa’, ‘Bloop Recordings’ and a super successful release on ‘Bass Culture’ (new label from D’Julz).

In 2012 he created the AHD label together with Damian Schwartz and has had releases from the likes of Epiphany, Marcos Cabral, Dj F and Fred P. Following up with releases from himself and more to come.



DJ-FDJ F – Ideograma – Acid Future Overdose – AHD Records, Madrid.

DJ F could be considered as one of the finest artists the underground scene in Madrid has to offer. He started his career as a DJ back in 1992, and very soon he became a key figure in the spanish underground scene, playing in some of the most important clubs across the country.

Influenced mainly by the early 90’s sounds of detroit and I.D.M. Pioneers like Autechre, amongst a wide variety of music, DJ F soon started developing his own productions under different monikers to cover all his musical aspirations.

Quietly and step by step, F took all what surrounded him musically, look into himself too see what he really had to offer, took all that, and used it to create some of the most beautiful pieces you can think of. Music full of soul and passion, like you never heard before.

He has released in labels such as Semántica, Titan’s Halo, Eleve, Freebeat and AHD Records.